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We work with our Norwegian partners to provide innovative and customized multi-domain technologies and together protect society from the threats of a constantly changing world. Saab Technologies 挪威 AS is an economically independent Norwegian company within the Saab group with headquarters in Halden, 在奥斯陆设有办事处,在雷纳设有办事处, Setermoen, Skjold as well as service and support centers at Stavanger and Halden. Our dedicated team of experts is in constant contact with the various Saab units around the world to ensure that our Norwegian customers receive the most suitable solutions. We maintain regular and close contact with all our end users and Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA). 对市场有详细的了解, an understanding of constantly changing customer needs and their processes are key.


Sirius Compact |播客

The increasing use of EW has led to more and more near-peer conflicts where enemies are fighting with the same types of weapons. As a result, information and data are becoming more important in tactical warfare. Obtaining this data at an early stage without the knowledge of the enemy is a fine art and a skill that will play a key role in deciding the outcome of future warfare. Sirius Compact provides individuals and small units with instant situational awareness - where and when you need it.



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In recent years, dependence on subsea infrastructure has increased on a global scale. Seabed warfare involves a major risk of sabotage to subsea infrastructure. Many countries are investing in their own deep-water capacity to respond to current and future threats, 被称为“海底战争”.


Our primary objective is to ensure that efficient support is received at the right time, 在正确的地方. Saab provides service and support of base maintenance for the radar and optronic tracking fire control director Ceros 200, TactiCall, 武器定位系统,亚瑟, 培训 & 模拟和西科斯基S-92直升机. We understand the importance of service and support for the success of your domestic and international missions.


在信任的范围内合作, our industrial partners and the Norwegian armed forces benefit from innovative and cost-effective products and lifetime services. Saab products are robust and reliable, proven and tested in all environmental conditions. Saab also acts as a reliable system integrator in cooperation with military and civil security companies.​

GLSDB - 360度参与

Delivering overmatch capability for the modern battlefield. Our Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) is a long-range precision munition that meets the evolving needs of armed forces. GLSDB provides supreme flexibility and complements existing ballistic trajectory weapons, build upon the proven and successful Small Diameter Bomb Increment (SDB I) and Multiple Launch Rocket System rockets. SDB is a 250-pound class weapon with an Advanced Anti-Jam GPS System-aided Inertial Navigation System, 结合起来有多种用途, penetrating blast-and-fragmentation warhead and programmable electronic fuze.



Within today’s modern warfare, the importance of a well-equipped artillery has made its mark. Enemy drones are pushing artillery deployment areas further back which means that the demand for artillery with longer range has increased. Range for artillery is a driver for a high cost and in this stage when armies have big holes to fill, 成本效益是关键. GLSDB is the missile system that has the most superior range vs cost ratio out there. GLSDB with its 150 km range gives armies the possibility to strike high pay-off targets in a with 1 m accuracy deep into enemy territory to a lower cost than all other system.

培训 & 模拟

Joint training between allied nations is a key topic among all NATO members. Interoperability training at brigade level and beyond is being given greater focus in order to ensure effective training – often together with international allies – and to be prepared for current and future threats. It also enables roles to be changed quickly and flexibly.



Combat forces are equipped with new and emerging technologies and operate in an increasingly complex battlefield, 在敌方精确的火力下, 造成和接受伤亡, 在极端环境条件下. Whilst there is no substitute for actual combat experience, realism is key to optimize the training experience. Saab’s live training solutions delivers that realism and the high fidelity data to learn the key lesson to maximize combat effectiveness. Virtual simulation training allows the user to practice procedures and equipment handling, and together with live simulation training crucial external influencing factors are added.

长颈鹿1 x

长颈鹿1 x is an ideal air surveillance component in the Ground Based 空气 Defence (GBAD) domain that provides ground based air defence commanders with engagement quality target data, 无人机探测和反火炮, Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) sense and warn within a single solution. It is the ideal main sensor for a Very Short Range Radar (VSHORAD) system and can be used as a gap filler that complements larger GBAD systems, 或作为反无人机(C-UAS)解决方案.


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Saab Barracuda´s advanced Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) is intended primarily for protection of military vehicles during movement and in combat and helps the vehicle to blend in with the surroundings. MCS是一个灵活的解决方案, which can be applied in several configurations using different types of materials. 它提供对传感器的保护, 视觉上的伪装能力, 近红外, 短波红外线, thermal infrared spectrum and broadband radar wavebands, 调光传感器, obscures targeting and fooling smart ammunition and offers a tactical and operational advantage.

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伍德兰MCS 360
SAFE -命令. 控制. 沟通.

SAFE is a truly unified platform for mission critical incident and operations management. The solution replaces legacy disparate solutions, such as C&C, 可以, 地理信息系统, CRM和移动数据与一个单一的现代平台, providing a complete control room feature set within a single user interface. SAFE empowers users to make more informed decisions, faster. The solution increases resolution at first contact, improves customer satisfaction and enables resources to operate more efficiently. At the heart of SAFE is a powerful workflow based rules engine and user interface tool, enabling tailored configuration to meet business process and workflow requirements of individual customers. Organizations can evolve workflows and designs as their demands grows.






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